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To request a forecast create the URL with appropriate parameters.

For specific spot and model use the "s" as ID of the spot and "m" as ID or acronym of the model (list of models below). Example: GFS model forecast for Maui (spot ID=53):


To get forecast for all available models for given spot, enter "m=all":


PRO users can also request forecast for any latitude / longitude by using "lat" and "lon" parameters. As this is only available to PRO users you also need to add your username as "u" and your secondary password as "p". (You need to setup your secondary password in windguru account settings, see settings -> login). We don't use your main account passwords here because using this service via e.g. Saildocs email service would not be secure, you probably don't want to send your main passwords by mail anywhere... Example: GFS model forecast for lat 29.5, lon -49.3 (user 'wgtest'):


The dates in lat/lon forecasts are displayed in UTC timezone by default, you can specify other timezone by adding "tz" parameter. Example: set timezone to UTC-3:


You can also detect the timezone automatically with "tz=auto":


By default the forecasts display all available variables, but you can choose only some using "v" parameter (list of variables below). Example: GFS for Maui, wind / direction / gusts only:


Forecast model list (m parameter):

GFS 27 km (World): m=gfs (or m=3)
NWW3 50 km (waves): m=nww3gh (or m=25)
NWW3 100 km (waves): m=nww3 (or m=10)
WRF 3 km (CZ): m=wrfczs (or m=32)
WRF 3 km (Gibraltar): m=wrfgis (or m=37)
WRF 3 km (English Channel): m=wrfecs (or m=40)
WRF 3 km (Canary): m=wrfcas (or m=42)
AROME 1.3 km (France+): m=aromehd (or m=52)
AROME 2.5 km (France+): m=arome (or m=53)
COSMO 2.2 (Germany): m=cosmode (or m=44)
HARMONIE 2.5 km (Netherlands): m=harmnl (or m=48)
WRF 9 km (Europe): m=wrfeuh (or m=21)
WRF 9 km (Egypt): m=wrfegh (or m=23)
WRF 9 km (Canary): m=wrfcah (or m=22)
ICON 7 km (Europe): m=iconeu (or m=43)
HIRLAM 7.5 km (Europe): m=hirlam (or m=51)
EWAM 5 km (waves Europe) : m=ewam (or m=46)
WRF 9 km (South Africa): m=wrfsa (or m=36)
WRF 9 km (East Asia): m=wrfea (or m=39)
WRF 12 km (Argentina): m=wrfarg (or m=29)
WRF 27 km (Europe): m=mm5eu (or m=14)
HRDPS 2.5 km (Canada): m=hrdps (or m=54)
HRW 4 km (US): m=usnmm (or m=38)
NAM 3 km (Hawaii): m=namhis (or m=34)
HRW 5 km (Hawaii): m=hiarw (or m=24)
HRW 5 km (Caribbean): m=prarw (or m=33)
ICON 13 km (World): m=icon (or m=45)
GWAM 27 km (waves) : m=gwam (or m=47)
NAM 12 km (North America): m=nam (or m=4)

Available variables (v parameter):

(availability depends on model)

Weather models:

WSPD  - Wind speed at 10 m above surface
GUST  - Surface wind gusts
WDIRN - Wind direction
WDEG  - Wind direction (degrees)
TMP   - Temperature at 2 m above surface
SLP   - Sea level pressure
HCLD  - Cloud cover - high clouds
MCLD  - Cloud cover - middle clouds
LCLD  - Cloud cover - low clouds
APCP  - Accumulated precipitation (mm/3 hours) (available for models with 3-hourly forecasts)
APCP1 - Accumulated precipitation (mm/1 hour) (available for models with hourly forecasts)
RH    - Relative humidity

Wave models:

HTSGW   - Significant wave height
WADIRN  - Primary wave direction
WADEG   - Primary wave direction (degrees)
PERPW   - Peak wave period (seconds)
SWELL1  - Significant height of primary swell waves
SWDIRN1 - Primary swell direction
SWDEG1  - Primary swell direction (degrees)
SWPER1  - Primary swell period
SWELL2  - Significant height of secondary swell waves
SWDIRN2 - Secondary swell direction
SWDEG2  - Secondary swell direction (degrees)
SWPER1  - Secondary swell period (seconds)
WVHGT   - Significant height of wind waves
WVDIRN  - Direction of wind waves
WVDEG   - Direction of wind waves (degrees)
WVPER   - Period of wind waves (seconds)

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